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Cost-effective pre-submission grant review and Independent Medical Education support services for small Pharma/Biotech

Patient Advocacy/Non-profit Pre-submission Medical Education Grant Review
International Medical Education Pre-submission Grant Review
Small Pharma/Biotech Medical Education Support Services

Why MedEdCom?

Wendee Theilemann, CHCP
  • MedEdCom is a group of dedicated professionals offering a diversity of experience in Continuing Medical Education, grant review, and Medical Affairs CME Consulting. We have extensive experience in forging collaborative relationships among a wide variety of organizations, societies and individuals.

  • MedEdCom members are adept at establishing positive, long-term relationships with CME providers, non-profit organizations, patient advocacy groups and private industry. We provide pre-submission grant review and Independent Medical Education support for small biotech/pharma.

  • At MedEdCom our focus is to assist our clients in achieving their goal of improving patient care.

“To make a difference, one needs to truly believe that the work they do matters. Wendee feels this business. She is passionate about the different roles she plays in the CME enterprise. She believes she has a responsibility to the ultimate beneficiary of her work – the patient – and approaches her work with the intent of improving healthcare in this country.”

Scott Weber, President, Med-IQ

“With more than 10 years of experience working on the supporter side in Continuing Education, Wendee is extremely qualified to provide feedback and recommendations on grant prosposals before submission. Her insights will help CE providers and patient advocacy groups ensure they are clearly and effectively communicating the practice gaps they’ve identified, their instructional design concepts, and their outcomes measurement strategies for demonstrating effectiveness.”

John JD Juchniewicz, MCIS, CHCP, President American Academy of CME, Inc., A Non-Profit Education Foundation

“I have had the pleasure of working with Wendee for several years and I’ve found her to be insightful, honest and fair. She is dedicated to continuing education and ultimately providing the best care for patients. Wendee is an advocate for what she believes and is respected by both her peers and partners – a rare quality in today’s healthcare environment.”

Dean Beals, President & CEO, DKBmed

“Wendee is the full package. She is knowledgeable about the clinical data, CME providers and clinical experts and uses this knowledge to make a clear and measureable, impact on medical education at Allergan. She is also forward thinking and ready to adapt to new challenges.

Simply put, she sets the standard of excellence that others aspire achieve.”

Harold I. Magazine, Director, Clinical Education and Training at Teleflex