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MedEdCom is a company comprised of people with a passion for medical education and the impact that education has on the lives of patients. We are an experienced group of professionals with extensive expertise as former employees of some of the largest pharma/biotech companies in the nation. Our staff has been responsible for the review of thousands of medical education grant requests. We have seen the best and the unfortunate worst of submissions. In addition to our experienced reviewers we also work with successful grant writers who give additional perspective to the client.

If you are an organization that depends on grant support to achieve your mission, wouldn’t it be ideal to have access to experienced advocates to review and critique your grant before you submit? Our staff understands what Pharma/Biotech both wants and expects of grant requestors and their submissions.


  • an organization that has been declined for a grant nearly the same day it was submitted?

  • an organization that received no feedback from the grantor as to why your grant was declined?

  • a non-profit or patient advocacy group with only a limited amount of grant writing experience and tight budgets?

Make the affordable choice and

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“To make a difference, one needs to truly believe that the work they do matters. Wendee feels this business. She is passionate about the different roles she plays in the CME enterprise. She believes she has a responsibility to the ultimate beneficiary of her work – the patient – and approaches her work with the intent of improving healthcare in this country.”

Scott Weber, President, Med-IQ

Founder: Wendee Theilemann

A dynamic, self-motivated professional with a diversity of expertise in provider and patient education. Wendee has worked for some of the top companies in the industry including Pfizer, Allergan and Gilead. She brings extensive, successful experience to MedEdCom and forges positive, collaborative long term relationships with her clients. She is an effective liaison and negotiator with strong written, oral and facilitation skills.