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Medical Education Communication Company Pre-submission Grant Review

We have all been there. Literally hours spent creating a strategy, scientific needs assessment, educational gap analysis and outcomes reporting plan only to have a grant either declined almost immediately, or perhaps languish in Pharma/Biotech never-land. What could have been done differently? What aspects of the grant review process does your organization not have the inside track on? Our staff provides years of experience in working behind the doors of industry. We have a keen understanding of the red flags such as compliance concerns, missed educational opportunities, strategies that may be amiss or outcomes plans that may have no impact on the providers or worse, the patients.

Why not partner with an advocate that could potentially help you avoid a costly rejection*

As a Patient Advocacy Group or Non-profit you have a special drive to be an asset to your patient group or those who rely on your services. It is often a difficult task to attract and keep skilled grant writers. Sometimes grants are written by those with little to no experience, yet the there is great heart and intent in the request. What can help make your grant stand out among all the others?

Why not partner with an advocate that could potentially help you receive more approvals* MedEdCom offers special discounted pricing to Patient Advocacy and Non-profit groups. At MedEdCom we recognize that you have a mission and we want to help you achieve it.

Patient Advocacy/Non-profit Pre-submission Medical Education Grant Review
International Medical Education Pre-submission Grant Review

Are you an educational provider located outside of the U.S. yet looking for funding from a U.S. based Pharma/Biotech? Maybe you have already experienced some of the pitfalls that can go along with an International request. What does a U.S. based Pharma/Biotech really want? One of the most concerning aspects of International grants has to do with legal compliance. Does your organization understand some of these concerns and how they apply to you and your programming? How do your grant submissions compare with those generated within the U.S.?

MedEdCom has specific experience in International grant submission review. We can assist you in understanding what Pharma/Biotech within the U.S. wants and expects of International grant requests.

The pressure and work load in small Pharma/Biotech is high. Processes, departments, strategies are continually being created and refined. Some small companies may or may not have a Medical Affairs department in place. MedEdCom brings specific expertise in the area of continuing medical education support. Our staff of experienced Medical Affairs members can provide contract assistance in:

  • CME Provider identification and vetting for expertise and successful experience in the  therapeutic area of focus
  • Format and strategy analysis
  • Grant submission review
  • Assistance with the creation of legal documentation such as Letters of Agreement
  • Program auditing
  • Outcomes evaluation
  • Grant management system/installation consulting

Mededcom offers in-depth experience from some of the top Medical Affairs departments. Contact us to see how MedEdCom can assist your start up in early educational initiatives that reflect your company’s research and development, appropriately and compliantly.

Small Pharma/Biotech Medical Education Support Services